Since the dawn of the church, believers have sought to define and clarify core doctrines (beliefs) found in the Scriptures, for the purpose of uniting the church, teaching the church, and protecting the church from error.  We at Grace and Truth Community Church (GTCC) have adopted a revised New Hampshire Baptist Confession of 1853 as our primary statement of faith.  All who join GTCC must affirm this statement of faith.

Historic confessions have served to unify, clarify and strengthen the church in essential doctrines.  We believe that the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689 is a valuable document which more extensively clarifies key doctrines. More recently, the Southern Baptist Convention has sought to unify around a confession adapted from the New Hampshire Baptist Confession.  The Baptist Faith and Message, adopted in 2000, is a generally strong and concise expression of core doctrines of the Christian faith.

There is no perfect confession or doctrinal statement, but GTCC finds strength, stability, and safety in aligning closely with these established confessions of historic Christianity.

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